You don’t need to be able to dance to look like a dancer!

Barre-Fusion: the newest training from the USA, exclusively designed by star trainer Tanja Krodel.

With Barre-Fusion, you can give your body a firm and gracious form. The training is athletic and challenging, and it uses small hand weights, as well as a Pilates ball. Mainly though, the training takes place at the barre. Through its multifunctional use, completely new exercise variations are possible. A firm butt, slender legs and hips, slim arms and a flat stomach are the result of Barre-Fusion.


How is the Barre-Fusion class built-up?

The class occurs with motivating music and its rhythm. With different plies at the barre the body warms up for approx. 6min.
An armtraining with dumbbells (1,5- 2kg) follows, the focus lies on the weak spot  triceps. Afterwards the legs, butt, hip and core get responsively trained. The barre helps to balance or gives muscular impulses. The exercises contain many small variations of the pelivic postions, the leg angle or of the rhythm. Subsequently all muscles get stretched to keep them long and smooth.

Is Barre-Fusion suitable for everybody?

Basically everybody can take part , because it’s a joint-friendly and jump-free training. Particulary for participants with knee problems it’s very good achievable, since  the barre takes most pressure from the knees. For all positions, there’s always a suitable alternative, which is immediately realizable  with only 4 participants.